Is your family Eco-aware?

Do you care about environment? Do your children care about it? Parents have major influence on their children when it comes to their beliefs about everything, including topics related to environment. A nowadays, besides the need to become more and more eco-conscious, studies show that families are trying to leave more and more eco-conscious legacy for their children. Are you?

Based on the results of the EcoFocus Worldwide’s 2013 EcoFocus Trend Study, 73% of mothers believe that personal and environmental health are connected, and those moms could be called EcoAware Moms. According to the study 72% of moms surveyed agree that it’s important to choose products that have been packaged responsibly. What’s more, 83 percent are trying to choose products with recyclable packaging. And around half of the moms almost always think about the environmental impact of the packaging before buying anything.

Knowing all this, Evergreen Packaging decided to relaunch a website dedicated to educating families about their packaging choices and tell them about the environmental benefits of carton packaging (in case of which over 70% is made from paper). Everyone are invited to check out to learn about this topic as well as other issues related to living a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

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Dog Cleans Baby

If your dog gives the baby a tongue bath, does that make them clean?

I have watched this video several times now and had a whole array of thoughts

  1. How cute the dog is cleaning the baby
  2. Dont you know what else the dog licks
  3. How smelly/dirty is the baby for the dog to want to clean it
  4. Does the dog think this is his baby

So many others, but here is todays question:  As a mom do you video tape the cute baby laughter and sweet dog and baby moment or do you stop the dog from licking the baby?

What do you think?

What Makes Your Baby Laugh

There is perhaps nothing more precious or funny than the laughter of a baby. No matter how bad your day is a babies laughter will brighten it

Here are some baby laughs to brighten your day:

What makes your baby laugh?

Key activities to prepare for the hurricane season

Hurricane season officially started on June 1 and it will last until November 30. That’s the time when most tropical cyclones can form. According to information provided by the storm-prediction specialists in Colorado State University there are as many as 18 named storms you should be prepared for this year.

What can you do, what are the key activities you should do to prepare for the hurricane season? For starters, of course, you need to have access to timely weather information. One such option is Allstate Alerts, it’s free and it can send you either texts or email messages when the weather is about get ugly at your location. You can sign up for it at

Secondly you should definitely plan an evacuation route to make sure you can get out of the town safely and as fast as possible. GPS would be a good thing to have in your car should you have the need to drive untraveled roads. By then you should definitely also have an emergency kit put together. as well It would also be good to take pictures of your belongings, a room by room inventory.

All in one, you need an evacuation plan that includes everything mentioned above as well as a meeting place should your family get separated, and out-of-state contact for in case of emergencies.

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Help create anaphylaxis awareness

It is estimated that anaphylaxis or life-threatening allergic reactions are the cause of 1500 deaths every year, 1500 deaths of which many could be prevented with raised awareness and preparedness.

Anaphylaxis occurs when our body is exposed to an allergen. Let’s be honest, many of us don’t even have any idea what we might be allergic to in such a way that it can cause our death. The main risk group for anaphylaxis is children (as well as adolescents). Exact causes can be different, but mainly they fall into one of these three categories – food, insect bites and stings, medications. Right now approximately 13 percent of U.S. children are affected by food allergies in one way or another. In serious cases the only suggested first-line treatment is epinephrine.

Julie Bowen, actress known from series such as Modern Family, recently kicked of a competition called Raise Your Hand for Anaphylaxis Awareness. Supported by Mylan Specialy L.P. it has been designed to raise both awareness and preparedness. Bowen is Rallying people to “raise their hand” for their school district. Four school districts in which most hands are raised will get a grant of $15 000 to support educational programs. Details on how you can help your school district and take part of the competition can be found at

Additionally you should also spread the word about anaphylaxis among your loved ones – your family, your friends and ask them to do the same.

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You should be screened for potential health risks annually

Teens up to age 26 can remain under their families’ health coverage based on the Affordable Care Act to make sure they have access to preventive health care. But although teens have the chance to have annual health checkups, only two third of them actually use that opportunity.

That’s according to the data from the US Department of Health and Human Services and the US Census. Recently a survey was conducted to find out why. The online survey was conducted among teens, health care professionals and also parents. All together more than 2000 people were surveyed.

At least half of the teens admit to worrying about their health, even though only 28% of their parents feel they do. But when it comes to reasons why not to have annual checkups, 60% of the teens can think of at least one reason. And one third of them believe that they shouldn’t go to the doctor unless they are sick.

Then again, based on the answers from physicians the annual checkup is a great opportunity for informative health discussions as they trigger more questions from both the teenagers themselves as well as their parents. Even though the survey also revealed that if the teen is joined by a parent in the exam room, it might restrict the conversation.

The survey was conducted by NFID (National Foundation for Infectious Diseases) in collaboration with Pfizer Inc and fielded by Harris Interactive.

“NFID has long been an advocate of preventive health. With the drop in annual checkups during the teen years, we wanted to take a look at the attitudes and behaviors of the people closest to teen health to see if we can better understand the reason for the decline, ” said NFID medical director Susan J. Rehm, MD.

For more information about the survey and teen health in general, see

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