A Moment of Clarity: I am NOT Cool.

Have you ever experienced a moment where you became painfully aware of your age in a way you had not before? Without thinking we often blame aches, pains, and body failures on age. “Oh I must be getting old.” But that’s not what I mean. I mean where you become aware that you not just older than your kids, but are not really as cool as you’ve fooled yourself into thinking all this time.

I had a moment like that this weekend.

Who watched the MTV video awards?

I have never stopped being in touch with music. I love all kinds. I have had very few “what in the world?” moments as new music and artists emerge. I am rarely shocked.

I missed the awards last year. Admittedly my musical expertise has decline since becoming a parent because I just don’t have the time to pay attention like I have in the past. But although I have not been on the cutting edge of music I have been able to catch up pretty quickly and enjoy what is being played.

This weekend I watched some of the awards and was bored out of my skull! It was only a highlight show, to be fair. But that makes it even worse. These were viewer rated favorite moments. I didn’t know ANYBODY! Where was Madonna? Where was Justin Timberlake? I did see that Paris Hilton was there but who cares? Is John Mayer no longer relevant? Cold Play? Panic at the Disco? I heard Brittney Spears was there but I didn’t see her. I did see Lindsay Lohan… that was a familiar face but I barely recognized her… and when was the last time she had a hit?

It wasn’t really the boredom that got me though. And here is the part that is going to really age me? Who is the Lil Wayne person? EVERYBODY loved him. Michael Phelps was even singing his praise. I watched his performances and I gotta tell ya… I didn’t get it. I was actually confused and trying to figure out what I was missing. And I’m not a prude! But I was all the more confused by the fact that someone who wears their pants BELOW their ass would be wearing Ralph Lauren undies instead of Calvin Klein. The whole experience was just very disturbing to me and I don’t know whether to immerse myself in MTV or to just accept that my hip time is done and move on.

You know, I honestly don’t even know where all these new artists have come from considering MTV doesn’t even play videos anymore.

So tell me, are you current with today’s music? And when did you first realize you might not be cool? Am I just an inch away from telling my kids to “turn down that rock and roll rubbish”?

0 thoughts on “A Moment of Clarity: I am NOT Cool.

  1. I haven’t been current for ages, but it’s never bothered me. Cool was for other people.

    I think I might have been “cool”, and it was quite accidental I promise you, for about ten minutes….in 1987. But I got over it quick and have never had to deal with that sickly social disease since.

    And…..Nah, you aren’t an inch away from that. Yer kids would look at you and say… “What’s rock and roll?”



    Uncle Mikey

  2. ROFL! You are right! Actually my kids love Elvis and Billy Joel. They know a little something about rock and roll :-)

  3. I think I haven’t been “in” on popular music since I was 12. The good bands stick around and you will know them. The flash in the pans will disappear and will be forgotten.