If you’ve been reading this week you know that I have been all about saving money while still enjoying what we like to do.  TODAY we are not going to talk about how to save money or the evils or overspending. Instead we are going to talk more about holiday shopping! We are going to talk about being rewarded for what you already bought!

There is this crazy contest going on at and they want to hear your secret shopping confessions.  Whether you committed secret online shopping, or got your item at the mall and hid it, wants to know about it.  You submit your shopping confession via video or written story.

Why would you keep your purchase a secret?

Maybe it’s a surprise for a loved one! Maybe you don’t want anyone to know that you need a $100 full body girdle to fit into your clothes at the moment.  Maybe your purchase is a little over budget and you are waiting for the right time to tell your Hubby.  There are no rules as to why you did it.  Just submit your story including what you bought, why you kept it on the down low, and how it all turned out.

Why should you submit your story?

Besides easing your guilty conscience you could win cash! is awarding $1500 per month for the best shopping confession and a grand prize of $15,000!!!!  MamaMia!  Check out the website for complete details, as well samples of other submissions, tips for successful stories, AND a message from last year’s grand prize winner.

WAIT!  There’s more!

This is actually a contest WITHIN a contest.  If you decide to sign up PUHLEEEEASE take my URL with you! (copy & paste my link from your browser to avoid mistakes) The blogger (in this case me) whose blog (Her Family Blog) generates the most contest entrants (that’s you!) wins a cash prize too! (that’s $500 for first place, $300 for second place, and $200 for third.)

So zip over there, check it out, and sign up to win us some holiday cash!!!  Good luck to us all! And don’t forget to share your shopping confessions with us after you enter!


  1. OMG, that is awesome! I have bought my boyfriend a new iphone and coat. He keeps on bugging me and asking him what i got him for christmas. Anyway, i went to go hide his present in the bottom of our closet and guess what i found! He had hid a brand new ipod nano. I feel so guilty for finding it but it’s not my fault. I’m going to try my best to look surprised. I will totally sign up under your URL Cin! Thanks

  2. Lucky for you I actually do have a secret shopping confession, although I don’t have a video camera so I suppose I’ll have to take the “written” route.

  3. Yay Airsoft! Sorry your comment got stuck in my Spam! I didn’t even know I had a Spam :-) Did you write it up yet? Share!

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