Everything Family Issue 1

Welcome to the May 6, 2008 edition, of the Everything Family Blog Carnival! We received many great submissions; but, a few of them were not topically correct and therefore were eliminated from this edition. We have held on to them for future use, so if you are the owner of one of those posts, you will be hearing from us soon.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Lori Jewett presents Baby Talk posted at Between Us Girls, saying, “Some parents are jumping through hoops, worried about stimulating their baby enough but not too much, trying to do everything right and driving themselves crazy in the process. Are you? Take it from me, it isn’t necessary.”

Niharika presents 50 Awesome Tools for Researching Your Family?s History posted at Bootstrapper.


GP presents Hey, we shall inherit the earth posted at Innstyle Montana- Come on Inn, saying, “Spending earth day with family and horses.”

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Crazy Aunts and Other Mad Relatives posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

Vacation Locations presents Florida Vacation Rentals posted at Vacation Locations.

Davexplorer presents Smart Politicians posted at laughinglemons, saying, “Thank you for hosting the carnival, and if your interested in working on a project together feel free to let me know.


Ken presents What Are The Obvious Signs Of Infidelity? posted at The Cheating Detective, saying, “Help with identifying, confronting, and overcoming the infidelity of one’s partner.”


Mother Hen presents Wholesome Christian Adventure posted at Ship Full O’ Pirates.


L King presents The Joy of Homemaking posted at FeedBulletin for: financialbullet, saying, “Great tips for mom with limited space. Organize your home in a snap!”


Jessica Jones presents Winning at Parenting through Trust posted at Practical Nourishment, saying, “Attachment parenting and counterwill.”

Fiona Lohrenz presents Importance of Play! posted at Child Care Only.

Sara Ost presents North Star Family Matters posted at EcoSalon.

Terry Candee presents The Magic of the Tween Years posted at Bonding Moms & Daughters To Navigate Our Crazy World ……….Oh Yeah AND Crafts!!!, saying, “A tip to sneak learning into a tween”

Amanda Harris presents Reading Is Important! posted at eFamilyBlogger.

Amanda Harris presents When Your Child is the Bully posted at eFamilyBlogger.

Amanda Harris presents Can Twins Have Too Much Togetherness? posted at eFamilyBlogger.

That’s it for this month’s edition! A big thank you goes out to all the participants, and we encourage you to continue submitting for the next edition which will be posted on June 3, 2008. Details to follow at the Blog Carnival website!

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