Everything Family Issue 3

Welcome to the July 1, 2008 edition of Everything Family.  More excellent submissions this time around, and we’re all ready set for a great edition for August, keep ’em comin’!

Sagar presents 100 Ways to Scale Down Your Life posted at EcoTrekker.

Tip Diva presents Top Ten Tips – Saving Money On Clothes posted at Tip Diva, saying, “With the economy in tough times, more people are watching their spending. Clothing is a necessary purchase, so here are some easy ways to save”

Jane @ Kidzarama presents The Importance of Small Things posted at Kidzarama.

Tiffany Washko presents Helping Kids See Past Commercialism posted at Natural Family Living Blog.

Technology Editor presents Lowering Prescription Drug Costs posted at Physician Entrepreneur.

David Cassell presents College Budgeting posted at selectcoursesblog.com.

Sheila Danzig presents Financing your Distance Education Online posted at Degree Talk Blog.

Steven Chang presents Bed Wetting Solutions posted at Gagazine.

Mike Remer presents Wish Exercise wasn’t so Hard? | My Path To Fitness Blog posted at My Path To Fitness Blog.

David Dave presents How to Become an Alpha Male- Attractive Personalities posted at Become The Alpha Male Now.

James Brausch presents The Problem With Exercise posted at Weight Loss Dude.

David Cassell presents Keeping Your Study Skills Razor Sharp posted at selectcoursesblog.com.

Sheila Danzig presents Distance Learning Online: Educational Degree Programs that Benefit You posted at Degree Talk Blog.


Kailani presents We Interrupt This Wedding . . . posted at An Island Life.

Tip Diva presents Tip Diva | Top Ten Tips – Saving Money On Children’s Birthday Parties posted at Tip Diva, saying, “Children’s birthday parties can cost a pretty penny after you factor in food, decorations, goody bags and more. However, there are ways you can save money, yet still have a lot of fun”

Raymond presents Student Credit Card Rewards posted at Money Blue Book.

Stefanie S. presents Creating a Non-toxic Nursery For Your Baby posted at Focus Organic.com.

Metaliphe presents Out of Control Children posted at Chandra Unplugged – No nonsense, Straight-up blogging from a Life Coach, saying, “Is your child out of control? If so, it is important to understand how out of control children are often the result of parents without boundaries.”

Vera Lang presents Good Dogs for Children | Fine Pet Care .com posted at Fine Pet Care .com.

Alvaro Fernandez presents Cognitive and Emotional Development Through Play posted at SharpBrains, saying, “We sometimes neglect to mention a very basic yet powerful method of cognitive and emotional development, for children and adults alike: Play. Dr. David Elkind, author of The Power of Play: Learning That Comes Naturally, discusses the need to build a more “playful culture”.”

Kevin Heath presents 25 Top Children’s Charities posted at More4kids.

WhatWorksForUs presents We Have ARRIVED. In Bedrock. posted at What Works For Us.


Tony Chen presents What to do? posted at Savvy Daddy, saying, “Here’s one dad’s perspective on sometimes not knowing what to do with his kids”

Jeff Tincher presents The Best Part of Putting My Son to Bed posted at Daddys Toolbox, saying, “Lately my son has been requesting ME to read books. I do enjoy this time we share, until the bedtime routine takes 2 hours — which has been happening – that’ll be left for future post.”


Jessica Donnovan presents 13 Ideas for Fun Family Fitness Plans posted at Sensible Self-Improvement.

Amy L. presents Which Mattress Is Best For You? posted at Housekeeping Tips, saying, “Every year, thousands of people purchase mattresses, only to find that their new mattresses are as uncomfortable as the old ones.”

Tip Diva presents Tip Diva | Top Ten Tips – Packing For The Beach posted at Tip Diva, saying, “Summer is just around the corner, and for many, that means beach season. But how do you pack for an enjoyable trip to sand, sun and surf?”

tmpatton presents Yes, being a stay at home parent, I do have the right to complain about finances! posted at thekiddieclique.com, saying, “This blog is about why as a stay at home parent I have the right to complain about finances.”

Yi Hui Chang presents The turning point of my marriage resolving money and love issues posted at The Simple Wealth.

Sherry Love presents Can my daughter find happiness in a mixed-race relationship? | Sherry Love. net posted at Sherry Love. net, saying, “Can my daughter find happiness in a mixed-race relationship?”

GP presents GreenHouse Guidance posted at Innstyle Montana- Come on Inn, saying, “greenhouse guidance from the inn.. everyone can pitch in!”

Nara presents Staying Positive During A Divorce posted at Surviving Infidelity, saying, “Divorce is never easy ?C even if you’re parting on amicable terms.”

Kevin Heath presents Tips for International Adoptions posted at More4kids.

Jamie McIntosh presents Increase Your Food Security posted at Suite101: Organic Gardens blog, saying, “At the grocery store, increasing prices complement shrinking product sizes on the shelf. Meanwhile, you can still grow much of your family’s food for pennies.”

Jose DeJesus MD presents Cash Before Treatment – The Crisis in Medical Care Funding posted at Physician Entrepreneur.

Tina Covington presents 20 Rules for Family Communication posted at thekiddieclique.com.

Balanced Life Center presents 43 Things To Do When You Stop Watching Television posted at Balanced Life Center, saying, “Save money, get more time, have more energy when you stop watching television.”

Jeff Tincher presents My Son’s First Baseball Game posted at Daddys Toolbox.

Ken presents Seven Signs That He Is Cheating posted at Cheating Detective, saying, “Author describes seven ways to detect if a boyfriend or husband is cheating.”

GP presents Sing along the campfire posted at Innstyle Montana- Come on Inn, saying, “Singing around the campfire… this summer”

Ken presents How You Can Catch A Cheating Spouse posted at Cheating Detective, saying, “When you suspect your spouse is cheating on you, there are

ways you can go about finding out if this is true.”

P.L. Frederick presents The Sweetest Pet Ever posted at Small and Big, saying, “Selecting a new family pet? Before you run off to adopt a special four- or two-legged bestest friend, I urge you to consider something more. Something more-legged: namely, honeybees.”

Carole Gold presents Relationship Paradox posted at McKay Today, saying, “Why it’s important to understand conflict and it’s place within marriage.”

Amy L. presents Should You Buy a Mattress and a Box Spring Set? posted at Housekeeping Tips, saying, “Since most furniture stores sell mattresses and box springs
as sets, you may have just assumed that you’ll need to buy a whole new
bed if your mattress wears out.”

George L Smyth presents One Minute How-To – How To Get Organized And Stay Motivated posted at George L Smyth, saying, “Paris Love explains the most important element to getting organized and maintaining that commitment.”


Jody DeVere presents Traveling in the Family Way: 2008 Lexus LX 570 posted at Ask Patty – Automotive Advice for Women.

Asheesh presents Selecting The Right Pregnancy Doctor posted at My Pregnancy Blog, saying, “A good pregnancy doctor is a lifeline for pregnant women.”

Tonya presents Pregnancy Facts – A Guide To Having A Healthy Baby posted at My Pregnancy Blog, saying, “Knowing certain facts about pregnancy can help you have a
healthy pregnancy.”


tmpatton presents Breastmilk?.It is what?s for dinner (as well as breakfast, snacks and lunch too) posted at thekiddieclique.com, saying, “A blog I wrote about breastfeeding and my views on it, includes some facts, tips and links to supplies for the new or experienced breastfeeding mother”

Chris Davis presents posted at The Healthy Snacks Blog.

Linda Ann Nickerson presents Preteen Pretext (Phoning’s Cool for Middle School) posted at Nickers and Ink, saying, “What happens when a parent gives a preteen a cell phone? Is this bane or blessing, security or spoiling? Rhymed humor examines this tricky technological question.”

David B. Bohl presents What To Do If Your Daughter Pulls a Britney? posted at Slow Down Fast Today!, saying, “I hope we all realize that no one is so far gone that they cannot be reached.”

Raymond presents Explaining Why Financially Independent Men Rarely Call Their Mothers posted at Money Blue Book.

karen alonge presents a mother’s heart posted at advice for parents.

Lars presents Preventing Child Tooth Decay – Important Healthly Habits for You and Your Child posted at InsightsandAdvice.com, saying, “Sage advice from a mom and a registered nurse.”

Fiona Lohrenz presents Encouraging Creativity At Your Day Care posted at Child Care Only.

Technology Editor presents posted at Physician Entrepreneur.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of everything family using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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