Fun Ways to Spend Family Time

Family TimeSince we all know how hectic it can be to find family time, we know how precious it is when we do have it. No matter the amount of the family time, it’s the quality of it that matters. Because of this, many families are on the constant look out for fun ways to spend your family time together.

So, in an effort to make your searches a little less time consuming (I know you’d rather be spending the time with your family than searching the internet for countless hours finding good stuff), here are few ideas that you can use to spend your time.

Feel free to adapt them to your time constraints, and any other issues that you may see. Of course, if you live 4 hours away from the nearest amusement park, this won’t be an option for you if finances are down, or time is limited, and this is what I mean by adapt.Have an all day/all night movie marathon. Start with a trip to your local movie rental store. If you have some advanced time, sit in front of your favorite online movie rental vendor, make your queue together, and when the movies arrive, make that your night. Pick out at least three movies, and start at a time when all of you will be alert enough to make it through an entire movie. Choose movies that the whole family will enjoy, or vary it up by letting each member pick out something that the whole family will watch. You may learn something new, or find pleasure in a film that you never expected it from. Be sure you have plenty of snacks foods on hand. You may even try making the preparation of those snacks a family affair too.

Pretend you have no technology and play board games for hours. No TV, no video games, no music. Just you, the table, and board games until the end of time. You can even take it one step further and play by candlelight at night (if you really want to pretend there’s no technology, but remember, use of the bathroom is always allowed!) and without music, you are going to converse to avoid silence! It’s a great bonding experience, and many different games can be played in the course of the night. If you are like me, though, you’ll spend weeks on the same game of monopoly!

Take the family out for pizza and games. There are times when you just want to get out of the house, so of course, a great way to do this is to go out for pizza. You can go to a place that has arcade games, or bowling. Bowling is a team sport with a competitive edge, too. It will spark lots of fun!

Go to the park, and all act like kids again. It’s a great release for you, and a bonding experience with the children to all go out and act like kids. Swing on the swings with your children, have fun with the tire swing, go down the slides, run around on the monkey bars, etc.

Make a campfire in the backyard, roast marshmallows, and share stories. If you want to get out, but you don’t want to get away too far, and there’s no burn ban (many areas have those in place right now) go out and light a small fire, sharing stories as you would in Scouts. Make S’mores, and have a good time together.

Work on a huge puzzle together, glue it and frame it. Mandate that no one works on the puzzle without the rest of the family being there to help. Save it and progressively work on it until it is finished. Glue it together with the puzzle glue, frame it, and mount it in a common area of the home for a testament to all the hard work and great times that went into its creation.

Now, you have several different ideas that will probably stem even more for you to choose from. Vary things up with a different activity each week, or for ones that take longer, continuations of them. No matter what you decide to do, the most important part is that each family member has fun. Family time will reduce stress on all of you, and may even play a role in alleviating some of that sibling rivalry we love and hate.

What are some other ideas for making family time fun? Are there any ideas I missed that you must share with the blogosphere? Leave them below.

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