Lay Offs and Job Cuts and Bail Outs, Oh My

Isn’t it tough just “being” right now?  Being happy, being positive, being productive, being in charge of a family, being on time with your bills, and being strong?  We know that a positive attitude is the number one defense against all the crap being flung at us right now.  Without a positive outlook it is more difficult to get the job done, find the new job, and brainstorm your way to keeping food on the table, gas in the car, and money in the bank. But it is so difficult to maintain that positivity when you are watching factories close and neighbors lose their jobs.  What do we do?

We regroup, retrain, reorganize, rethink our plans, that’s all.

Let’s use the Big Three Automakers as an example of where a lot of us need to change our thinking.  Many cities and many companies are experiencing similar turmoil, just probably not on the same level.  When my Hubby graduated with a degree in draft and design I tried to convince him to stay away from the automakers but here’s the thing.  Here in Flint, that’s our comfort zone.  Our parents worked there and their parents before them.  At almost twice the wage and being what felt like the “safe” choice, to him it was a no brainer. It is what people “did”.

That was about twenty years ago.  It sure isn’t the safe bet now.  In fact, not only are the direct employees in for a hit, but its affiliates.  Then you’re got all the small businesses that built nearby the factories to accomodate the autoworkers for lunch, bunsiness dinners, conference rooms, etc.  I really hope the automakers succeed.  It is a rich part of American history that I hate to see disappear.  They too need to reorganize and rethink things.  But back to us.

Where did we go wrong?  What can we do differently from here out.  Stop DEPENDING on GM for our livelihood. (or whatever company is wearing those shoes in your city).  REALIZE that there is more to YOUR life than building cars.  Building cars isn’t even close to being one of the top careers available to you.  One industry that never falters is the health care industry.  Nurses and medical assistants are always needed.  Tap into your entrepreneurial spirit.  Paint. Read. Write.  There is always a risk in losing your job or not making the money you desire.  But at least if you’re doing something for yourself, something you love, you increase your chances of being HAPPY.

When Hubby graduated he recieved job offers in draft and design for $9/hour.  At the same time Chrysler offered him $17/hour.  Which would you have chosen?

Need a giggle?  Check out the most hilarious game of “Aw Snap” yet.

8 thoughts on “Lay Offs and Job Cuts and Bail Outs, Oh My

  1. Well as a human it is not easy to maintain a positive outlook all the time, more so if we have family and kids, worst still if we need to worry about employment stability….the best is to keep on improving and equip ourselves to prepare for the unforseen that could be happening!

  2. Nice video to put at the end of that post. You’re right, you need to stay positive, but for many people it can be difficult when they have a family and suddenly have no money coming in. This economy really needs to be picked up, and fast.

  3. Thanks MY and AR. Both good points. The economy needs some help, but we also need to continue to improve ourselves so we’re best prepared for any situation.

  4. It is certainly time for the Big 3 to re-organize and re think their strategies. I would consider supporting the bailout if they came to congress with a plan to improve. For example, if they planned to only produce hybrids within 5 years, I would listen to their requests for money.

  5. Absolutely Kevin! I think that’s the common thought among people once they get over the initial, “what?! The executives make how much?! They did what?! They want us to give them how much?!” I hope they figure it all out!

  6. The present financial crisis is hard for everyone. We’re all trying to cope up, and we’re all trying to stay positive. I agree that the automotive industry should have had some back-up strategies for problems like these but I can understand how our present situation could still be so damaging to the industry. I guess we’ll all just have to stop worrying about what happened and start figuring out what we can do now to overcome this.

  7. I think so, too. There are a lot of things we can change in this world. So what we can do is go forward with our lives, because there will always be problems. The financal affects also Europe. I living now in Spain and there is a bigger crisis, but we try best.

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