Finding Wasted Money

I know that I can save a few bucks a month on my satellite bill  if I plug into a phone line.  But what’s $5? I don’t have time to deal with that.  I bet I could trim a couple dollars off my home phone bill, though,  because we don’t use the land line for anything but the occasional fax. It’s kind of a pain to figure out though.  I’ll do it later.  I don’t have an RV why would I need motorhome towing on my insurance policy?  And how did it get there in the first place?  I need to check on that right away.  And while I’m thinking about it… my cell phone bill is awfully high.  I’ll put that on my list to check out too.

The above is my thought process for the last several months.  Every time realization of something wasteful hit me I was busy in the middle of something and thought “it’s only a few bucks.  No biggie.  I’ll get to it.”  Then I one day realized that all of those $5/10/20 savings added up to a lot of money!  So I got to work.

I actually still don’t have a phone line hooked up for our satellite dish because I can’t figure out a convenient patch to take the wire.  But I DID learn that I was being overcharged for an outdated plan that no longer exists AND I realized that I was paying rent on a unit we weren’t even using.  I also  learned I was paying ridiculous amounts on my cell phone bill for information calls, games, ringtones, etc.

No, it was not fun to make all these phone calls and wait on hold and figure everything out.  It was pretty frustrating and I did feel like my head was going to explode at times.  But at a time when milk for the cereal has  sometimes been a luxury lately, I feel pretty stupid that I didn’t do it sooner.  Not many of us have money to throw away these days and every dollar counts so I wanted to let you know that I uncovered almost a hundred dollars per month just reviewing my basic monthly bills and expenditures, and encourage you to do the same.

3 thoughts on “Finding Wasted Money

  1. Hey I felt that too, know what ? from the past two months I’ve quit my job and become a full-time blogger, so I stay at home -which is also my office all the time. So i decided that I don’t really need a cellphone, I mean I’m available at home all the time right ? at the end of the second month I realized that I actually saved a great amount of money for that small change, I almost didn’t believe it.

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