Fun with Hot Rocks and Faucets

Guess what I am doing in November!  Nope.  Enjoying a long weekend at a spa resort in Arizona! Yay me!  No, the blogging business does not pay that well BUT I have a dear friend with a time share who includes me in her relaxation plans each year.  I am not sure which I get more excited about, the luxurious bathrooms or heavenly massage treatments.

In real life on a daily basis, I despise shower time.  The hot water runs out when I’m shaving my legs and it takes way too long to dry my hair and get fancied up.  But on vacation, free of schedule and responsibility, I could spend all day in the bathroom where the glass encased showers and multi head Grohe faucets are as beautiful to behold as any exhibit or attraction in town.

Even so, of course the massage treatments are by far superior to singing in the shower, even when the shower is bigger than my bedroom at home.  I am already stressing about which treatment I want, though.  Good thing I’m getting a massage!

Spa treatments are really pricey so I have to make some hard decisions.  Last year I wanted to try acupuncture, I’m all out of balance I’m just sure of it,  but chickened out.  Have you ever tried it?  There is also one called craniosacral that focuses on chronic head and back pain.  I’m all about that. I don’t care at all about the facial/mani/pedi stuff… but what the sugar scrubs, the hydro treatments and exfoliating spray tan?!  Somebody help me!

Everyone please share your spa experiences with me… what treatments did you love and which ones didn’t you love? Would you do them again or try something new?

4 thoughts on “Fun with Hot Rocks and Faucets

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  2. Rather than going for the treatments you should take a course in them!! Take a course in something like acupuncture, reflexology, etc. That way you can practice on yourself but you also get to learn funky new things too.

    Just a thought. What do you think? :)

  3. I can speak about acupuncture specifically. My friend’s parents are both in that field, and they seem to do pretty well, so it must work to some extent. I must admit that I’ve never had it, but I do know it barely hurts and it works by controlling chakra.

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