Despite What You May Have Heard, Employment is On the Rise

There is so much conflicting information out there regarding what our government is and is not doing, it’s hard to know what’s really going on.  One of the biggest issues on everyone’s minds is employment. There is always going to be the argument that things could be better but it is good to see that there have been consistent increases over the last year.

According to White House statistics, October 2010 marked ten consecutive months of job growth. Over the last 11 months employment has risen by 1.1million.  Over the last quarter, an average of 122,000 jobs were added each month.  Employment in October rose by 151,000 from September.  I still clearly remember 2 years ago when the job cuts were buzzing out of control and in my own household my husband’s future at Chrysler was bleak – we didn’t know what tomorrow was going to bring. So ten months of employment gain is certainly a ray of sunshine as we continue to rebuild.  And what tops the list of jobs in demand? There are literally not enough graduating RNs to fill all the job openings available for them. A healthcare career is a sure fire bet for anyone needing a career change or fresh start. Jobs in the medical field will always be in demand.

*Employment stats from the WhiteHouse.Gov website.

7 thoughts on “Despite What You May Have Heard, Employment is On the Rise

  1. Basically, medical related courses, in any place of the world is always in demand. There are many company’s, hospitals, public and private agencies are looking for this kind of profession to work with them. The only problem is that, there are different department in medical courses. Despite of the employment risen, still they are looking for competitive worker to join with them. And the problem with this huge number of opportunities, chances are other will decrease their income or will try to shift another expertise.

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