The Post Feast Fast

Oh boy is my belly full. All that stuffing and biscuits & gravy is my weakness and leave me feeling like a lump.  know you know what I’m talkin bout. Pants are tight and energy is low. With Thanksgiving vacation coming to an end it’s time to get body and mind back into productivity mode.

But how?

For me it’s the post feast cleanse colon fasting that gets me feeling good again. Detox is beneficial year around as our bodies are loaded with sludge accumulated over time due to our daily routines of not eating right. Add the indulgence of a lot of heavy food in a short period, as is the case at a time like Thanksgiving, and our bodies are working over time to process all the gunk. No wonder I’m so sluggish.

There are elaborate detox procedures you can have done, and all kinds of products ranging from high in price concoctions to home made remedies. Just do some research and find what fits your needs and budget. I’m a big fan of the Hollywood 48 hour Miracle diet (please notice, not a paid link. I very rarely endorse for pay.) because it is cheap and easy and not entirely disgusting. I will follow it up with a couple days of eating raw fruits, nuts, and veggies and drinking juice.  I am not at all an expert so please do your own research – what works for me might not be what’s right for you – but I will advise that if you’re new to juice fasting, you should plan on a day or two of the raw fruits, nuts, and veggies BEFORE your juice fast too. It will be easier on your body and make it easier to stick to your fast.

Fasting has become increasingly more popular since about the mid 90s – mainly for weight loss, but general detox is so good for clearing out your system and your mind. Do you detox?

4 thoughts on “The Post Feast Fast

  1. Yes, I do detox myself. Usually while doing cardio sessions and drinking a lot of water with lemon and a pinch of sea salt. Then taking some detox herbs. Every couple of month I change it up using Zeolites because of the aluminum in the chemtrails and other heavy metals that we’re exposed to.

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  3. I don’t fully detox but when I know that I’ve overloaded on the bad stuff, I would stay away from them for about a month or so and exercise a bit more. It helps clear out the system. I do the same thing when I know I will be bingeing at a buffet or somewhere – it gives me more room to overeat and gives me more value for my money. :)

    Glad you stuffed yourself at Thanksgiving!

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