Weight Loss Supplements for Better or Worse: Human Growth Hormone

I  am so confused, and a bit concerned by Human Growth Hormones.  Over a decade ago I used an hgh spray, not in attempt to lose weight – I was already in good shape, a little obsessive about it if I’m being honest – but wanted to be healthier and stronger. HGH was all the rage.

There is so much controversy and noted health risks such as tumors and diabetes that I URGE you to do your research and talk to your doctor before walking blindly into this product. There are many different kinds and brands from which to choose, each having something unique about their formula.  I can tell you that the one I used did not make any impact on me at all.  Now this was, like I said, ten or fifteen years ago. Improvements have likely been made, and I may have just “blindly picked” a dud brand.

The rub here, as I understand it, is that most sprays you can purchase over the counter do not absorb into your body properly or at a high enough concentration, thus not delivering the “fountain of youth” results that some experts claim are possible with HGH. So be careful of what you spend your money on and don’t get scammed. HOWEVER, as I also understand it, HGH can be dangerous if absorbed properly –  so I’m not sure if a more potent HGH is something we really want to put in our bodies anyway!

Bottom line for this one – Research research research. And of course, talk to your doctor.

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