$5 Off ROAST-e Order – Mama Has a Coupon Code!

As I have experimented over time monetizing my blogs, I have settled on making money for content, not ads. I feel it gives me more control to be able to adapt certain keyword links into sincere blog posts, rather than accept money to actually advertise for a company by putting their banner up, regardless of whether or not I like the product or how ugly their ad is. This is still the case. HOWEVER. NEVER SAY NEVER. THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS TO EVERY RULE. And so on.

This, by the way, is not a paid post. If I’m yammering on about how much I like something, it is sincere. I don’t do paid reviews.  Unless I was asked to SAMPLE and review something I have mad passionate love for like say…. Adam Lambert or Moscato… I would accept those jobs of course, but disclose that it was paid. :)

I think that Groupon ad is so PRETTY! lol. I think it enhances the scenery AND I think Groupon is a cool company.  Have you ever read their ads? I have a clear memory of me sitting at the doctor’s office where I worked in my 20s-30’s, reading over tons of boring technical optical stuff. At that time I was considering going back to school for technical writing and I remember saying, “why does everything have to be so boring? I could write this manual and make it fun!”  Of course I talked myself out of the field. (surprise!) Over the years, though, lots of companies have taken on more personality in their text. Groupon is one of the best.  I don’t know WHY they haven’t hired me yet.  But that’s something different.

So Groupon is fun and pretty. Whitesmoke is a grammar correcting program so that represents me I feel, too. And like I said. I like aliens. But the real reason for my update is Roast-e! I decided to run their banner because I like coffee and I liked their style of communication and the way they described their company to me.  I gave them a tiny square ad spot. I am going to go bigger I think now that I’ve researched and sampled the company.

Using my own banner link so I could see what happens if someone clicks through, I scanned the products, coffee, coffee makers, and accessories… and plugged in two criteria. “Organic” and “Fair trade.” I was actually looking for direct trade but clicked the wrong button. Anyway, was given a selection, made my choice, put in the discount code the company gave me, and checked out with PayPal. You can use any method of payment, but I love PayPal so that was a bonus for me. Got my coffee two days later and am drinking it right now. Actually, it smelled so good it woke me up this morning when Tim brewed some at 3am before work. Or maybe it was the bean grinder that woke me up first. REGARDLESS. It smells good. And now I can confirm how good it tastes. I even dropped a swirl of organic agave sweetener in instead of sugar. I’m feeling all kinds of good right now.

It really was a good experience from beginning to end. The product passes my test.The website is pleasant and user friendly. The company is really interesting too. Their social conscience is enhanced by their apparent use of a social business model. Two of my favorite things. AND with the $5 off coupon code, it was financially satisfying too. And now they tell me I can pass the discount on to you! There is a 10% first off first order code on the website but don’t use that unless you place a big order. You know, do the math is all I’m sayin. BLOGME5 is the code for $5 off.


One thought on “$5 Off ROAST-e Order – Mama Has a Coupon Code!

  1. I love ROASTe! I got a cuban coffee sampler from a friend and I had to hide it from my husband otherwise it would have run out sooner. LOL. The aroma was unbelievable! Thank you for the coupon link. I will send it to my friend and tell her to buy more of it. :)

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