Happy Ghoulday!

Big plans for Halloween this year at our house! You may have heard me complaining that we haven’t had a summer vacation in a couple of years. And you like will again. We didn’t even go to Mackinac Island or Cedar Point which is always our back up plan when we can’t swing other things. BUT that’s about to change.

Although Cedar Point’s regular season is closed, HALLOWEEKENDS is in full force. Sarah’s birthday is November 1st and she’s been wanting to go there for her birthday for years, but from what I can tell the experience is pretty scary so I have been hesitate to do it. I think this is the year though.

With all the attention given to Andrew this year, first for his negative behavior, then the summer spent in treatment, Poor Sarah has been like a ghost. Not getting a lot of attention from us, and no one asking about her. Everyone asking about Andrew. She withdrew, her posture changed, her speech pattern changed, her attitude & behavior… but she seems to be bouncing back. I’ve been flooding her with good attention and been real hard on her for the crap she’s been trying to pull that she thought she would get away with because she knows I am swimming in guilt right now for neglecting her. So cunning, my kids! Anyway, some spooky Cedar Point might be just what the doctor ordered for her – and all of us! We definitely need a get away.

I am still concerned that the PG-13 theme might be a little twisted for her 12 year old mind, though. But on the plus side I won’t have to buy Halloween costumes or send out birthday invitations. So I’m calling it a wash.

Have you ever been to Cedar Point over Halloween? Do your kids like scary stuff?

6 thoughts on “Happy Ghoulday!

  1. That’s a great plan for Halloween. I think you made the right choice. Also, it is her birthday so it’s fine to treat her with what she wants. Few weeks and 1 month from now, it’s gonna be November 1st. I hope you all enjoy your break and celebration. =)

  2. That sounds exciting! I wouldn’t say I was a also “ghost” when I was a kid but my father was really open about the fact that he’s giving more attention to my younger brother because I already had my time (which was just 2 years) when my brother wasn’t born yet. lol So I think you’re doing great with making it up with Sarah. I hope things will be getting along fine with your family. :)

  3. My kids get so scared with even slightly scary movies. I don’t think they will be able to something really scary until they are adults. I take that back, maybe never :) I still don’t like to be scared.

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