Sun Tea – the Easiest Chore for Lazy Summer

Thank you to cogdogblog for letting me borrow this awesome pic til I find mine! :)

In my household the adults are almost as excited for summer vacation as the kids. Why? No homework, and later bedtimes and rise times. After all those months of being on such a strict schedule it’s a relief to have some breathing room in our routine. I learned the hard way though that a flexible schedule still needs some structure and activity.

It may seem mean to some to have summer chores lined up for every day right from the beginning but without them, the kids don’t know what to do with themselves. They overdose on video games, stay in bed, raid the kitchen and waste food out of boredom, and eventually start fighting with one another and complaining. I don’t know about you but I am not on summer vacation and I cannot work under those circumstances. I wish I could play with them and entertain them all day but I can’t. I can, however, give them some daily responsibilities. When mixed in with scheduled fun activities, it reminds them NOT to bicker and complain about being bored, since Mom always has something for them to do. To keep them engaged and not waking up feeling like Cinderella every day, though, I try to make their to – do lists interesting by making rhymes and throwing in fun tasks that make them feel needed and accomplished.

The favorite summer chore is making the sun tea. It is very easy to make and the kids like being involved in making something that Dad and I enjoy and look forward to drinking every day. I write the directions out in the middle of the chore list so they can pretty much handle it on their own – it makes them feel independent – but I am nearby in case there is a question. I will include the directions that I write for my kids right below here so that you may share with your little Cinderellas. Don’t forget to modify the specifics to suit your household. :)

How do you keep your kids motivated & active during the summer> Do they have a favorite “chore?”

Drew & Sari’s instructions for sun tea

The iced tea pitcher is at the top right of the pantry. Bring it to the counter by the sink.

Rinse the pitcher out with cold water by filling it up once and dumping the water out.

Put 2 scoops of sugar from the big black spoon (that’s 1 1/2 cups) in the bottom of the jar.

Now fill the pitcher almost to the top with cold water. Don’t worry about the exact amount, you can’t get it wrong. I aim for just below the neck of the pitcher.

Open 14 tea bags being careful not to break the paper tabs off the strings. If you do it’s okay. It just makes it easier if you don’t. :)

Gently take hold of the tabs and strings so that the tea bags are hanging in a bunch and dip them up and down in the pitcher of water a few times. Each time they will go a little deeper as they get heavier from soaking up water. After 3 or so gentle dips, leave the bags floating on top of the water.

Put the lid on tight.

Pick a sunny spot outside on the back deck, like the patio table or the the grill counter.

Set the kitchen timer for 4 hours.

When the timer goes off, bring the tea in, gently stir it up or shake the jar a bit. Now it’s ready to pour over a glass of ice and enjoy. Thank you.

9 thoughts on “Sun Tea – the Easiest Chore for Lazy Summer

  1. Splendid picture and very familiar recipe. I have discovered it some three years ago and decided to add at least four leaves of fresh green mint for an hour before the drink is ready for being served. Super-tasty!!!

  2. That sun tea looks so good, and I think it is a good idea to give them things to do instead of letting them playing games all day long.

  3. It’s great that you have the initiative to make a sun tea. During summer, I just keep myself busy watching television and surfing the internet. Don’t call it lazy because it’s nice that you already made something for the kids. That’s so thoughtful my dear. I don’t still have kids but if I’ll have kids in the future, I will also do the same thing. thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks everyone! Natasha – funny – I have been experimenting with mint tea bags. This last one I put 11 regular and 3 mint. good but A little too sweet. Gonna try two mint bags next time! LOVE the mint!

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