Capturing Photos, Memories, and Deals

I was cleaning out the closet the other day and found our camcorder. It was way in the back of the closet being neglected. Just like my photo albums. When we first became parents we took a lot of pictures. It was easy because I had a couple of great cameras for work, my parents got us an easy to use camcorder, and the kids were small and somewhat easy to contain. They also loved hamming it up for pictures.

Cut to today. Cameras have water damage. Thank you kids. ¬†Camcorder has some kind of sticky damage. Thank you again kids. I have a cell phone that takes pretty great pictures but the kids don’t like having their pictures taken anymore! Plus they’re hard to keep up with and not so “contained” at 12 and 16 as they were at 3 and 7. My dog, though? He loves to have his picture taken. And he is small and since his favorite position is laying down at my feet, he is easy to keep up with. If you look at my cell phone images or browse my Facebook, it looks like I have an out of priority affection for my Schnorkie but I promise that’s not the case. I love them all equally. Hehe. But like I said, Hobo is just easier to capture in the lens.

I have been thinking about getting a new camera, though. What kind of Mom has no camera or scrap books? One that got frazzled for a spell. Then was broke for a spell. i’m still broke but I did just get a second job. Yay! So I can at least THINK about replacing some of the things that have been lost, broken and ruined during the child rearing process.

Parenting in a recession has taught me a lot of good shopping habits. Going to the mall and ordering from manufacturers online has been replaced by finding gently used, bulk, and overstock items. It’s absolutely thrilling finding insane deals at places like and Overstock. Nomorerack actually has a pretty good deal on a digital camera today. The deals come and go quickly and this one likely will not be available when I am ready to buy, but I am confident there will be another one to replace it.

As for the camcorder in the closet – Hubs is cleaning it up and hopefully we will get that up and running again soon. I am becoming a little embarrassed by all the pictures of my sweet amazing schnorkie. Wanna see one?