I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing – and Not to Blame and Sue…

So many things are out of hand and need to be reset. If only it were that simple. Society’s knee jerk reaction to sue whenever something goes wrong is one of the most damaging problems we face.

If we wanted to really trace the problem closer to its roots we could go back a step to our nation’s quickness to place blame anywhere but on ourselves. I don’t recall my parents playing the blame game as I was growing up, but I remember hearing people who did. And I know that my generation is filled with people who trip on some ice outside the bank and their minds go directly to how they can work the situation for some money. Then go as far as to feel what they’re doing is okay because it’s “legal.” They got a lawyer and if the lawyer said they had a case, and the jury ruled in their favor, then by goodness they must have deserved that money. Funny, though, how when such a thing is flip flopped against them, they call foul and curse lawyers for being liars and predators. Sigh. People.

Medical cases can be tricky though, and an example of where a reset button would come in really handy. There probably was a day when a doctor could make a mistake, admit it, allow for restitution, and be judged by his peers based on the circumstances of the incident. Not today. Whether we’re dealing with medical malpractice, the patient has to fight to be compensated for suffering due to medical mistakes. Doctors are hushed up, cooperation is minimal, and the patient’s well being is put aside in favor of fighting for the smallest compensation from malpractice insurance. My own Uncle was hung out to dry after he went in for surgery on his right leg and they instead operated on his left. This is not right, but how do you suppose we got to this point?

We became a sue happy society, that’s how. Predator patients and/or attorneys push forjudgments and amounts of money not due them, so those in the medical practice have had to adopt a “cover my ass” policy, otherwise they’d fall victim to scam artists and misguided patients. We are our own worst enemy in so many things. People like my Uncle go uncompensated while more savvy game players get what they want and don’t deserve.

It’s all so twisted up and layered that i don’t know how we’ll ever change it. Especially with the prevalence of blame in society today. Come to think of it, even if we had that reset button and started over from scratch, if our attitudes don’t change everything would just unfold back to this point anyway. So maybe the key is to focus on our attitudes as a society. Goodness help us.