Do You Know Where You Come From?

Do You Know Where You Come From?

It seems like such an easy question, but what do you know about your family?  Most people know what country their ancestors came from.  Some people have traced their lineage to notable historic figures or events.  But what does that mean?

I saw a DNA test the other day and the person was more then 50% from one region.  I realized how amazing that was with all of the wars and conquerors for someones bloodline to still be that pure.  If you really think about it that is pretty amazing.  A country comes in and conquers another country and they mate with and drag away the most desirable people in the land.  However eventually those same attackers find themselves on the losing end of a war and have their best and brightest torn away from them.  You would think that with the possible exception of a few island nations that by now all DNA would be less then 1% anything and yet in most cases it isnt.

The question I have for you to think about to day is what that means.  Image the dreams, the hopes, the aspirations and even the fears that went into bringing you here.  To this point in your life.  To this specific mixture of DNA that makes you – YOU!  The things most of us take for granted is how amazing we all are.  There is no chance that you are a random accident!

Take some time today and think about where you come from and what that means.

And then celebrate YOU!