Fun Family Christmas Games

Have you ever found the mood in your house dipping later in the day on Christmas?

Do you need something to do to keep the kids from going crazy waiting for Christmas eve to get over?

Or maybe you have a group of adults you need to entertain AFTER the kids go to bed.

Here are a few games your might want to try to keep everyone entertained.

Christmas Pictionary – This game is a drawing game.  All you need is some paper and a pencil or pen.  Come up with some Christmas words (you will want to choose the words based on the group).  Divide into two teams.  Take turns being the picture drawer for your team.  Pick out a word. Set timer (60- 120sec) and then draw.  If the team can guess what it is they get a point.  If they cant at the end of the time the other team gets one guess to steal the point.  You can also do this where everyone guesses each time with no timer and the 1st person to get it right gets a point.

Christmas word – for this game you need to look up some words like yule or boughs  and write them down(make sure you write down the definition too).  One person reads the word out loud and everyone writes down what they think it means (or a joke meaning).  The reader reads all the definitions aloud and everyone guesses what they think the definition is.  You get a point if you guess the correct definition and anyone whose definition got voted correct also gets a point per vote.  Everyone takes turns being the reader.

You could also try the Christmas memory game to test how well people know the story “twas the night before Christmas” – here is how –

After hours break out the cards and try playing Texas hold-em gift exchange -


MERRY Christmas!