Have Interactive Fun at Miami’s Jungle Island

The Jungle Island zoological park, located on Watson Island in Miami, Florida, is not only a great destination for adults and children alike, but one of the world’s very few environmentally-sustainable amusement parks.

Founded in 1936, the park moved to its present location in 2003 and now consists of several different areas. Its central attraction is the Jungle Theatre, a covered amphitheatre that hosts wildlife shows for visitors. Birds and animals from all around the world perform and interact with guests during these events. Species range from exotic birds such as the cassowary to Hercules, a 408 kg (900 lb) liger, or lion-tiger hybrid. Other areas of the park house displays of birds, including a colony of penguins. Various kinds of snakes and other reptiles also make their home in the Serpentarium.

The park’s other major feature is the Everglades Habitat, which recreates the environment of the Florida Everglades, including both indigenous plant and animal species. Visitors to the simulated Everglades are also helping to support the real Everglades ecosystem, which is under threat from development; the park supports the not-for-profit Everglades Foundation.

Jungle Island is also committed to ecological sustainability. The entirety of the park area is free from synthetic fertilisers or pesticides, and the park’s management offsets harmful emissions caused by special events by purchasing carbon credits to offset them.