Is your family Eco-aware?

Do you care about environment? Do your children care about it? Parents have major influence on their children when it comes to their beliefs about everything, including topics related to environment. A nowadays, besides the need to become more and more eco-conscious, studies show that families are trying to leave more and more eco-conscious legacy for their children. Are you?

Based on the results of the EcoFocus Worldwide’s 2013 EcoFocus Trend Study, 73% of mothers believe that personal and environmental health are connected, and those moms could be called EcoAware Moms. According to the study 72% of moms surveyed agree that it’s important to choose products that have been packaged responsibly. What’s more, 83 percent are trying to choose products with recyclable packaging. And around half of the moms almost always think about the environmental impact of the packaging before buying anything.

Knowing all this, Evergreen Packaging decided to relaunch a website dedicated to educating families about their packaging choices and tell them about the environmental benefits of carton packaging (in case of which over 70% is made from paper). Everyone are invited to check out to learn about this topic as well as other issues related to living a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Disclosure: This post was requested by an advertiser.