My name is Cin Langston and I am a Wife, Mom, Freelance Writer, Loan Processor, and Business Owner. The goal for Her Family Blog is to provide loads of good, fun, helpful content relating to real women and families. I still don’t know how I got so lucky to be here but I do know this… I have two favorite things.

1) My Family.
2) Writing.
And here I am writing ABOUT family.

I have memories of me loving to write stories and type on my little typewriter, so I have been aware that my fondness of writing dates way back. I recently found a picture from my 5th birthday that shows me receiving that beloved typewriter, so now I know how far back the writing bug bit me. It wasn’t long after that, that I learned there were children out there who did not have parents, or any family at all, who lived a life very different from my own. I pledged to one day provide a family for someone who needed it. Kid’s interests come and go but that passion only grew until 2003 when Hubby and I adopted 3 year old Sari and her 7 year old brother Drew. Writing sort of took a back seat over the years for various reasons and I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to blend my two favorite things.

After the adoption of my kids I did a ton of research online, still do in fact, and will share all the tips and secrets I uncover regarding women and families, and how to balance and make the most of both of those roles. You and I share in all the same struggles, and together we will become educated, enlightened, and empowered to be the best Mother, Wife, and Self we can be.

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  2. Hey Cindy! Nice blog, found you through a search for online degree programs and checked out that private school you recommended. The I saw you were in real estate (I’m a licensed but not practicing RE Broker) and adopted your kids – I love Heather T Forbes’ work of the Beyond Consequences Institute, have you heard of it?

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  5. Adopting kids is a hard thing to do for some families but if you think this through you will realize that this is a win win situation. You can give a good life for a kid in need, helping each other makes us human.

    Good job with the blog!

  6. Hi Cindy,

    I just read your latest post “A Giggle a Day Keeps the Blues Away” on your site. I think it is a great piece for your readers. Thank you for sharing your parenting tips!
    After reading your blog, I was wondering if I could highlight your most recent post on our blog page as well as write a guest post for your readers? Perhaps something on children’s birthday parties.
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