A Shout Out to My Entrecard Friends

This is a post for all you Entrecard Droppers, Bloggers and Mommies Making Money.  I have an opportunity for you to be featured on the Entrecard Blog.

First of all, if you have a blog and you don’t know what Entrecard is, I urge you to go there right now.  It is the simplest and most enjoyable way to generate traffic to your blog.  You sign up and put the widget in your side bar.  Other Entrecard droppers drop their “card” off at your site on the widget. Then you return the favor by visiting their site and dropping your card on them.  And so on.  You literally get back what you put into it.  A “drop” is quicker than a comment so you can generate more traffic in less time.  *Don’t abandon your comment campaigns though!  You still need to establish those relationships.

Back to the featured blog.  Every Thursday on the Entrecard Blog I will be featuring a blog of high quality and “it” factor.  Do you have “it”?  Would you like to nominate another blog that you think has “it”?

Leave me a comment here, or for extra exposure of your blog, send it to me on Twitter!

And for everyone not participating in Entrecard I have a little something for you, too. The SNL Palin rap. It never gets old. Having received over 2 MILLION hits already just since Saturday it is hard to believe there is anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, but it you haven’t, PLEASE PLEASE click play.