Lower Your Birthday Party Budget Without Lowering the Fun


Between party favors, entertainment, and venue rental; and, of course, the presents, birthday parties’ can sometimes be a huge drain on your bank account. Of course you want to show your child a fun time, but a lot of parents just assume that means they need a 4-digit budget to make it happen. The truth is, you can make your child’s special day extra special without having to take out a second mortgage. The trick is to get creative and be open to new twists on the old birthday traditions.

First of all, trim the guest list down as much as possible. Throwing a huge party is a nice gesture for your child but it can often be overwhelming to a child who has not completely developed their social skills. They will probably have even more fun with 5-10 of their closest friends.

Instead of renting a venue like a roller skating rink or a putt-putt golf course, let the kids run wild at the park. Most cities have free park with baseball diamonds that are perfect for games of baseball, softball or kickball.

Once you have the guest list pared down and the location decided on, consider what sorts of activities the kids can engage in. If you can think of a way to combine the food and the entertainment, you will end up saving a lot. For instance, turning the birthday cake into an interactive experience by setting up a cupcake decorating station will keep the kids entertained while they feed themselves. Have the batter ready to go and let the kids add chocolate chips, M&Ms or any other little goodies into the batter before putting the cupcakes in the oven. Have icing, sprinkles and other candies ready once they’ve cooled down.

When children are young they are mostly just happy to be hanging out with each other. As long as they have some sort of sweet in their tummy and some sort of activity to play, they’ll most likely have a blast.

Melissa is a party planner and guest blog writer who enjoys throwing great themed parties using Mario party supplies.


Thanks to Melissa for the informative guest post and to Rawich for the birthday candle image. :)