Silly Mom Learns How Easy it is to Fix Her Ailing Computer

Here’s a Saturday extra.  A little something from the technical files.  :-)  I don’t usually post on Saturdays, I try to keep them lazy… reading, studying, planning posts with paper & pencil, and technical stuff.  My computer has been killing me lately.  It really isn’t old enough to need replacement but it’s performance is far beyond its 5 years.  Or maybe 5 years old is older than I think, I don’t know.  I just know my work is pretty light duty and the old girl shouldn’t be so sluggish and spazzy.  So I’m cleaning and scanning and researching and tuning up today.   To the best of my capabilities anyway.  I’m not much of a techie, sadly. Anyway, I am told there are ways to get my laptop up and running again without spending a lot of money.  So I’m on a mission to figure it out.

Can you believe that I did not know how much memory my computer has?  Before I was a mom I was so much smarter, proactive, technologically competent, and detail oriented.  Now I’m scatter brained and an expert at putting out fires.  :-)  I looked it up.  512 MB.  That’s embarrassing.  I can add 1G for under $60 probably and that would improve my performance.

Part of the reason I am so motivated today to get cleaned up, other than my writing production has been cut in half, is because I was asked to tell you about this QIF file extension website.  The problem is, as mentioned above, I am not very computer savvy and don’t really know anything about a QIF file extension.  I understand that it has to do with reading and writing financial information but that is not very inspiring as far as my blog goes, you know?  But then I found something.

While reviewing the website I found that they have a free driver scan. Of course it’s free because they want you to buy the program that fixes your errors, but still… I know my laptop is full of errors and conflicts so any information I can find is good.  I ran it and 17 errors came up.  The scan tells me which drivers are outdated, possibly affecting my laptop’s performance, so I am going to go in and try and find the updates myself.  Yay!  Although I can’t diagnose too many problems myself, I can usually fix them once I have some direction.  If not, I know where to find the program to take care of it for me.

While I was digging around in my computer I found a program that scans my system, internet usage, clutter, RAM, etc. and then cleans it up.  I am running better already!  You might have a similar program yourself.  After doing a “lite” tune-up I have already gone from 11% free memory to 30%.  I say “lite” tune-up because I was very conservative with uninstalling and deleting programs and software.  I didn’t have time to take the time to investigate them all.  30% is still not much free space but my laptop is suddenly running like a champ so I am thrilled.

I mention all this because I have been complaining about my ‘puter to you a lot lately and wanted to let you know that I am back in business.  Also wanted to share how easy it is to get your computer back up and running when it starts getting slow.  If I can do it anybody can. :-)