Doctor Knows Best When it Comes to Weight Loss Aids

Okay. Considering my last few posts it almost sounds like I am bashing weight loss products but I’m really not. I just know how commonly they are abused. I’ve been an abuse in fact. But that doesn’t mean they should never be used. It just is just very important to be familiar with the pills and supplements you put in your body and the risks associated with them. If you want to learn more about weight loss pills you absolutely need to talk to your doctor, not research them online and make decision about what is right for your body based on the reactions of someone else’s.  Okay? End of lecture.

Mind over Matter

Well apparently I am on a diet pill kick. Once i get started on this subject I’m usually stuck for a bit. It’s such a hot topic! It’s oneo fthe most researched matters online and it is a hot button issue for me too. here’s the thing. I am an addict I think. I love diet pills like Fastin and Adipex and if I had one in front of me right now I’d probably take it just for the energy factor.

I never feel like I have enough hours in the day but the truth is even if I had more hourse I woulld still poop out around 3pm – so what’s the point in wishing for longer days? To combat that I used diet pills, relying on their even long lasting energy to make it through the day. This is not good.

If you can relate to what I am saying and you are using diet pills for the same reason, it’s time to admit that you know it’s not heathty. You need more sleep, you need to eat better, and you need to be kinder to yourself. They you’ll enjoy a healthier, vibrant feeling body with sustaining energy to help you meet all your goals for each day.

Alli Scares Me

And speaking of weight loss supplements, the Alli reviews I’ve heard are ridiculous! Have you heard much about it? Most the other high profile diet aids kill your appetite and give you energy. The way I understand it, Alli does that too, but takes it a step farther by punishing you if you break the rules and eat something bad.  I heave heard so many reports of people being sent running to the restroom- at work, at the mall, at dinner- after eating the wrong type of food. That scares me! Have you heard the same stories? Have you tried Alli? Share your experience!

The Best Weight Loss Supplement is Not Found in a Pill

I’ve said it before but I think it is important enough to say it again- although I believe there is a place for diet pills this crazy world of over indulgence and metabolic challenges, the  best weight loss supplement is useless without your commitment, hard work, and good attitude.  No diet pill in the world will deliver the results you want without exercise.  And any weight you lose while on supplements will return when you go off them if you don’t make the necessary healthy lifestyle changes.  Just a quick reminder prompted by a conversation I had with a friend today. Do you have a healthy lifestyle?

Getting Sick and Losing Weight

This is a train of thought from my own little mind today, there is no medical basis or research that I have pursued to support it whatsoever.  It has to do with dieting during cold and flu season.

It’s a common joke people make. “I lost 6 pounds since I had the flu. Yay! I need to get sick more often!”  I have made that comment myself, and maybe AFTERWARD there is some truth to my words, but I know that DURING the illness, especially the miserable sick feeling that accompanies the never ending vomiting, my mind set is more like, “Please make it stop! I’ll absorb 20 pounds straight to my ass if you will just please for the love of God make. it. stop.”

I don’t think I have ever heard the topic flip flopped though. I have heard people say they feel like they get sick more often when dieting, but not so much, “Dieting gave me the flu.”  No, that doesn’t even make sense, right? Or does it?

First of all, “Diet” is a weird word. It has a bad connotation.  A lot of times people don’t want to admit they are on a diet. You may want your kids to be more active and trim some fat but you don’t want it to be said that you put them on a “diet”.  But diet really just means whatever it is that you eat.  A diet can consist of salad and cottage cheese or it could consist of pizza and beer. It does not necessarily go hand in hand with an attempt at weight loss.

How this relates to my cold/flu & weight loss ramblings today is although it may not immediately occur to you that trying to lose weight could increase your risk of getting sick during cold and flu season, it is actually health 101.  So basic we kind of forget about it.  Here’s what I’m thinking.

You are very likely to come into contact with contagious sick germs, right?  And the stronger and healthier your body is to begin with dictates your likelihood of getting sick.  So naturally if you are practicing some sort of starvation diet, your body, although it may be getting skinnier, is not going to be at its peak health to fight those germ bugs off.  You already know that starvation diets are unhealthy and ultimately result in weight gain.  Well also by not eating a balanced diet, or not eating at all, you are robbing your body of antioxidants and vitamins that good fresh food provides. This poor nutritional quality of diet will make your body very weak, increasing your susceptibility to all the bugs you come into contact with during the cold and flu season.

Now this is not to say that you cannot attempt to improve your level of health and fitness, and lose weight during the winter months. Increase your activity and decrease your food intake! Go for it! But make sure you are eating ENOUGH and that you are loading up good healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. With this “diet” you can lose some weight, get healthy, AND build a stronger body to carry you through to Spring.

In summary, I declare there is truth to the notion that trying to lose weight during the cold and flu season can make you sick.  What do you think?

When the Best is Not the Best

Everyone has an agenda. Everybody is trying to accomplish something. Most everybody is trying to sell you something. Even people who wish the very best for you, still have their own best interests at heart, so their advice to you might not truly be your “best” advice. With all the mixed messages and tainted counsel floating around, how do you really know what’s BEST for you?

We are the products of a lifetime of being programmed that the best is… well, THE BEST! Strive for the best! Accept nothing but the best! You deserve the best! But what is “the best?” Especially in tough economic times like these, we might want to reconsider the whole concept. Otherwise we are likely to find ourselves feeling of failure because we were unable to achieve those misguided ideas of what is “best” for us.

Price and quality. Keeping the kitchen stocked is a challenge right now for even the most stable families. Is there any bigger failure than not being able to provide food for your family? I remember there used to be a commercial for JIF peanut butter on TV when I was a kid. There was a mom saying that her kids are too precious to scrimp on and they only get the best, that’s why she only gives them JIF. They programmed that into me at that early age so that all through my life I thought I was neglecting my body to buy a different peanut butter. As a new mom it never crossed my mind to do so. As finances became tighter, it DID cross my mind, but for reasons unrealized to me at the time, I would not let myself buy anything other than JIF. I was experimenting with generic brands and changing our menus, but I was hell bent on sticking with JIF peanut butter. Then one day I was at Gordon’s bulk foods and they had this monster big jar of peanut butter for the same price as a regular jar of JIF. So we weren’t just talking about the few cents difference I’ve seen at the grocery store. It was like a cool splash of water in my face. I woke up from Jif’s genius marketing brainwash and I bought the Gordon’s peanut butter. Everyone loves it. Fraction of the price and I have to buy less frequently. It is a no brainer to me that THAT is the BEST choice for me.

Cheaper is not always better . JIF is just my example. It might not be YOUR best peanut butter. But it is worth checking out. It is worth the time to try some new brands and products. A few cents or a few dollars might not be worth a change to you if you feel you are sacrificing taste or quality. But SEVERAL dollars off a grocery bill would be welcome, I’m sure. FYI Kroger lets you return Kroger brand products if you try them and don’t like them. So there is no financial risk.

THE BEST by definition. THE BEST DIET PILLS are only the best diet pills if you can access it. Adipex might kill your appetite the best of all, but good luck getting it. You can get Stackers over the counter at a lower cost without the headache of a doctor’s appointment. You might not lost weight as fast, but you will see results. As opposed to “no results” from Adipex because you can’t get it. A COLLEGE EDUCATION is not necessarily your “best” course of action for the future if you can’t afford one. College tuition is skyrocketing despite the fact that families are struggling. THE BEST SCHOOL DISTRICT is not the best district for you if politics and cliques over shadow your child’s education. THE BEST is only the best if provides optimum results FOR YOU in YOUR situation, under YOUR circumstances.

The point is, we are all different. Our tastes, desires, passions, opportunities, talents, skills, goals, preferences, and so on… all unique. So for a choice, a brand, a store, a restaurant…. for ANYTHING to claim title of “the best” is ridiculous. What’s more ridiculous is for us to believe it. No body or no thing can claim to be “the best” for me. Only through trial and error, experience, and effort can I make that decision. That’s the best advice I can give.

Pop a Pill Burn Some Fat

There is so much information available to us about burning fat and losing weight that it is more overwhelming than it is helpful.  One way to find the information you need is to do your due diligence and read everything you find on the topic.  Another way is to check out the website.  They have done some of the work for you and put together a list of what they believe to be the best fat burners to pop when you’re trying to burn fat and build muscle.  Of course the best course of action to get healthy is to eat right and exercise. Be a good role model for your kids.  If they see you searching for short cuts they will learn to do the same.  And remember all these miracle pills are called supplements for a reason.  They are meant to “supplement” your already healthy lifestyle.  I gave you a short cut to your fat burners but you have to change your habits and build healthy routines for you and your family.