De-Mystifying Feng Shui

De-Mystifying Feng Shui

There was a day when it was a joy to walk into my house.  The air was fresh and light, light poured through the house, and energy flowed without interruption.  There was no tripping and bumping into things.  No eyesores.  No clutter.  I felt the same way inside me.  I was energetic and light.  But now I feel like both me and my house are constipated.  Shit keeps piling up.  Meanwhile, money travels out of my pockets and my household like there are holes in each.  I think I need to Feng Shui us both.

If you think Feng Shui is too mystical or frou-frou for you, think again.  Regardless of how deep you get into Feng Shui and its history, the basic idea at the core is the effect of object placement in the home.  Properly placed objects maintain balance, calm, and good fortune.  Improperly placed items produce clutter, chaos, and misfortune.

Still not buying it?  Well then… every night before bed, put your coffee cup high on a top shelf behind some other cups where you can barely reach it.  Put a pile of shoes on the step leading out the door to your car.  Then put a large tall obstacle in your main walkway through the living room.  For two weeks live with these things placed this way.  Every morning when your eyes are barely open it will be a struggle to get your coffee cup down for your simple delicious morning wake up treat.  You will trip for a few days then become irritated by the act of carefully stepping around and over the pile of shoes which lays between you and the car on the way to work in the morning.  And every time you walk through the house you will have to maneuver around the large obstacle that blocks not only your path but your line of vision.

How do you think all that inconvenience is going to affect your mood?  Will it move you forward or slow you down?  It’s going to make you grumpy and late, that’s how!  Which will of course make you less creative and product at work and prevent you from accomplishing and earning your maximum potential.  See how that works?

Keeping things out of the way, de-cluttered and organized is easy.  Take it a step further now.  If keeping things out of your way will keep away negativity, it might not be far fetched to think that creating situations that make you think and feel positive and pleasant would result in increased success and happiness.  Think about what you like to see, smell, and hear.  Sunlight has a positive affect on most people.  I like the scent of eucalyptus and I enjoy water sounds.  So it would be good for me to keep the blinds open, spritz some mint & eucalyptus room spray, and plug in that little waterfall I bought 3 years ago.  The effects are subtle.  You don’t even know it’s working except that you might be less edgy or even chipper.

Lastly, if you can now see how something like sun light can positively impact your life, you will be interested in some of the less obvious Feng Shui principles.  Like maximizing that sunlight by arranging your bed in the correct direction to make proper use of sunlight through windows.  Dig a little deeper into the ancient philosophies to find where the “money” area of your house is and where to hang crystals and wind chimes to keep your money and postive flowing energy flowing in the front door and through the house without escaping out the back door.

If you take a moment to find a book on the simplest tips and most basic aspects of Feng Shui you will find that wheter you are figuring where to hang the tv mount to avoid outside glare or design your front walk way to keep away evil spirits, there is a solid solution that transcends mysticism and really makes sense.

In this economy I think the first thing I am going to do is find the money area of my house and hang some windchimes and crystals to make sure the finances and good energy have no blockages and flow freely into our house. :-)  How about you?

Learning from Recession

I always try to find the silver lining in things and our current economic crisis is no exception.  When I take a minute to stop dwelling on the sacrifices and think about what we have accomplished and what I have learned, I find that there is, in fact, value to be found in recession.

I have always been irresponsible in my attitude against shopping for bargains.  “My time spent shopping for a deal is worth more than the money saved” I have often said.

Once I became a parent I scaled back on what I bought for myself, my house and my hubby so that I could buy more things for the kids.  That was my first taste of enjoying finding a bargain.  Every penny that I saved on myself was more that I could spend on the kids.

Then this recession got us in its grips and suddenly we had to scale back just to meet our basic needs.  I had to find the best prices on milk, bread, cereal, and all the staples in order to maintain them in the pantry.  I am actually being counseled by my very organized and moneywise friend on how to most effectively use coupons and store programs.  It is actually a lot of fun but I am just shocked over how much money I have wasted over the years.

I do a lot of shopping online for bigger items and have recently found value in sites like and  The prices are good and the items are often better quality than what I have bought around town.  Black Friday deals can be found all year long if you take the time to shop for them.

I cannot say I am glad that our country has hit hard times, but I am glad for the different perspective I have developed and the recession tips, tricks and tools I have learned that will serve me even better when the economy turns around and my job becomes lucrative again.

What have you learned during these troubling times?  What money saving changes have you made?

Mommies SAVING Money

piggy-bank.jpgThe last Mommies Making Money post got some attention and that’s when the idea of a double threat hit me.  Mommies Saving Money.  Making money and saving money at the same time would be fabulous, wouldn’t it?

I’m sure you don’t need me to inform you that this economy is in the toilet.  I’m not a stats person, as far as remembering and quoting them goes.  But I do enjoy looking at them.  I like watching the stats for my blogs go up every month, that’s for sure. And thank you very much! :-)  But I don’t like economical type stats.  Or real estate stats.  You look at them, see the arrows and trends pointing downward and you know we’re in a pickle.  No fun, there. 

When I was single I used coupons a lot.  I used to cut them out for Mom when I was a kid… when I got my first apartment, the highlight of my week was running out to get the paper on Sunday, grabbing a My Favorite Muffin, and sprawling out on the floor of my kitchen/living room/dining room, (It was a small apartment!) and clipping.  It reminded me of clipping for Mom, but it also got me excited about being a big girl and saving money.  Getting the apartment guaranteed that I didn’t have any to spend, so making the dollar stretch became the substitute for shopping at the mall.

Somewhere along the lines, though,I started making more money and having extra to spare.  I didn’t continue clipping coupons or shopping for deals justifying that “my time is worth more money than that”.  What a moron.  I thought I was so smart and evolved, and in some ways I was, but do you ever look back in wonder at your own naivete?

Too bad I lost my coupon excitement all those years ago.  But it’s never too late!  I am getting back to the basics and adding coupon clipping and bargain hunting to my money-making-mama strategies.

Pillsbury has $27.30 worth of savings available in September and it’s all the really good stuff… frozen cookie dough, biscuits, cinnamon rolls, pastries, pizza rolls, Progresso products, Old El Paso, cereal, yogurt bars, Yo-Plus yogurt and more!

Kellogg’s has a full rebate on Frosted Mini Wheats right now.

Kraft has Oreo ice cream free with the purchase of $15 of cake goodies.  PLUS they have those super cute Breast Cancer Awareness t-shirts there, sponsored by Jell0, Cool Whip, and Philadelphia cream cheese.

There!  That should get us started.

Do you clip coupons?  Have you always?  Share with us your dollar stretching tips!