Merry Happy Christmas Holiday Greetings!

It’s almost Christmas. I know that because the calendar tells me so. Otherwise, the day might come and go without my noticing. Know why? Yes, besides my head being up my ass –  There is a serious lacking in the holiday cheer department this year. Where’s the festive vibe? The good will toward men? I look down my street and there are no Christmas lights up. My husband and I went shopping this weekend for log furniture, toys, clothes, and dog food. That’s a wide variety of things and stores. And you know what? There was no Christmas music playing!

I get it. Money’s tight. News is bleak. Our cities are being run by emergency managers. It’s hard to find the joy when it seems like everywhere you look there is an obstacle. That’s why it’s so important to put up the freakin’ Christmas lights. So that when you wake up in the morning you’re greeted with Christmas spirit blinking outside your front porch. And as you leave in the morning and return from work at night, thoughts of credit card bills and furnaces going on the fritz are softened by giant yard snowmen and nativity scenes. You NEED good things to counter the bad things. Sometimes it’s hard to flip the switch in your mind and do a positive counter point. Holiday decorations flip the switch for you. You see them – you feel warm and fuzzy. So quit being a turd and hang up something that sparkles or jingles. Right now. Then come back.

I am just going to say it. We have  become a collective Scrooge – Grinch – Burger Meister. All I can hear, inside my head and out among the masses, is how expensive everything is. How there was no time to put up Christmas lights and what a pain it is to take them down anyway. People who are experiencing tougher times than normal are consumed by that one fact. People who are doing well are validated by the money they are bringing in and feeling superior about it. Where’s the good will toward men in that?

I think my biggest beef right now is the Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays war. I’mma break it down for you right here. The holiday season spans from Thanksgiving through the new year. Christmas is A DAY. One day. We can stretch it to two days because we often celebrate Christmas Eve. When I say “Happy Holidays” on November 29th, I am not cutting Christ out of Christmas or catering to non Christian groups. I am hoping that you and yours will enjoy the whole season. I hope you eat lots of good food, get to enjoy time with your family, celebrate the year passing and get a good start on the new one. If I see you just before Christmas, at a Christmas party, or on Christmas day, I will say, “Merry Christmas.”  Kapish?

Are there people trying to hijack the season? Highlight their own religion and customs? Create a more generic holiday scene? Probably. But mostly, people are just trying to be nice and spread good cheer. Think about this – what have you heard more in the last couple of months? People complaining about the verbage – “Merry Christmas” vs. “Happy New Year” OR actual Christmas tidings? I will answer for you that I have over heard a bajillion conversations and seen countless social media posts bitching about reserving the right to say “Merry Christmas” and about 5 actual season’s greetings.  Think about that.

And don’t get me started on the billboards of Jesus saying, “I miss hearing you say MERRY CHRISTMAS.”  That is SO stupid. As if our increasing commercialization of the day and gross obsession with money and material things at Christmas time was okay with Him as long as we said, “Merry Christmas.”

It’s true. People are not saying “Merry Christmas.” But they’re also not saying “Happy Holidays” or “Seasons Greetings” either. Their Christmas Spirit is kaput! But so is their Holiday Spirit! They’re exhausted, beat up, stressed out, and focused on all the wrong things.

Here’s an idea. Instead of bitching about the way someone ELSE celebrates the season and spreads their cheer – why not simply appreciate what they have offered you. And then offer some in return. Maybe even offer some forward.





Mother’s Day 2008

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and rather than waiting until the holiday to post about it, I thought I’d give you a few days advance notice!

Here are some gift ideas for the woman who gave you life!

Breakfast in Bed. Make Mom breakfast and give it to her in bed. Or order breakfast, pick it up, and take it to her if you can’t cook.
Day at the Spa. Treat her to a day of pampering.
Mother’s Jewelry. Get her jewelry with the birthstones of all the kids. :) It can be a necklace, bracelet, or a ring.
A poem, song, card, or photograph. Something from the heart, is all that matters here.
A hug, smile, and a thank you! Prehaps this is the best gift of all, because it is the most appreciated, and it is free!

And let me leave you with this video about Mothers.

What do you do to celebrate your mother? What are some of the best Mother’s Day gifts you have recieved?

Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo, or May 5th, is celebrated as a sort of  Mexican Independence Day; otherwise the equivalent to our July 4th celebration.  It is commerative of a battle Mexico won against France in 1862.  Many Americans, regardless of heritage celebrate this holiday too.  It is the perfect excuse for a family get together where you can have burritos and tacos in place of traditional hamburgers and hot dogs.It is also a great way to bring some educational elements into your family time.  The United States is a melting pot of culture, and we should all make efforts to understand as much as we can about them.  Learning about other cultures, heritages, and why things are done the way they are will help your children find and see the equality we strive for in America.  Considering how far we have come from the days of racism and segregation, there is still much to work through to get through the issues that are still present in our society.  Diversity is America, and teaching diversity starts in the home with things such as a Cinco De Mayo celebration.  Plus, it’s a break from the traditional reasons to get together, and to just another reason to enjoy each other.

My family and I make Chorizo burritos, and drink margaritas.  Of course, my son has a virgin drink, but Dad and I get a nice treat!  As my son ages, we will incorporate more learning into the celebration, too. Chorizo burritos are easy to make, so I’ll give you a quick rundown of the recipe.Chorizo Burritos


1lb chorizo (Mexican sausage, found in many grocery stores)

6-8 eggs (you can add more or less to suite your taste, depending on your love for eggs!)

1 package of burrito sized tortillas

1 large can of refried beans

Shredded cheddar and your other favorite burrito toppings


Brown the chorizo as you would hamburger.  It’s very greasy!

Drain, and take back to heat.  Mix in beaten eggs, or beat them as your stir the meat.

When eggs are cooked, you are finished.

Heat beans and spread on tortillas.  Fill with egg and chorizo mix.  Top as desired.   Roll into burrito, serve.  You can also add rice on the side. 

This will work well for breakfast or dinner, any time of year.

I found this awesome website for Cinco de Mayo activities for kids and their families.   Check it out and see what you think, and if there is anything you think you may be interested in doing!  Let us know what you do!  Do you have any Cinco de Mayo traditions already?  Share your thoughts below. 

The picture was originally found on this website, so I’m unsure of how to credit it for copyright purposes.  Just know that I do not claim it as my own!