I Love New Things: Rain Chains

Have you ever heard of rain chains?  I just learned about them today and I can’t figure out how I never heard of them before.  As a hobby I look at houses and landscaping – maybe they’re kind of new here, even though from what I understand they’ve been using them in Japan for hundreds of years. I thought I’d pass the info along so you don’t miss out on them too. See? I care. :)

Okay. So a rain chain, as I understand it, is designed to take the place of your gutter downspout. When you hang the chains rain hits them, attaches, and follows the links down to the ground. They come in a variety of styles and are much prettier than standard downspouts. The ting ting sound of the water hitting the chain is pleasant and you can put a bucket at the bottom of it to create a peaceful waterfall or meditation garden atmosphere. Doesn’t that sound nice?

I will have to fight my husband to get him to consider these because he is very traditional and kind of stuck in his ways. He doesn’t generally like to try new things unless other people have done it first. Sigh. But I’m going to try. I can already hear the sound of the rain on the chain in harmony with my wind chimes on the back deck. Have you ever tried a rain chain or know anyone who has?