Prioritize Thy Self

Hey Ladies! Have you done your workout yet today? No? Then quit reading right now and pound that treadmill. I’ll meet you back here in 30!  Otherwise you will have a less fabulous and less than productive day. Here are the top ten reasons for taking care of yourself and the top ten ill effects of not.

• Better sleep and earlier to rise which adds more valuable hours to your day
• More energy to avoid crashing in the afternoon, interfering with the day’s obligations.
• Less aches and pains, increased strength and flexibility
• Happier
• Increased swimsuit confidence to enjoy beach and water parks with kids
• Clear skin and more youthful appearance
• More focused on the many tasks to be completed at work and at home
• Being a healthy role model for your kids
• Feeling sexy and improved relationship with spouse
• People respect you when YOU respect you


(better make sure you have a variety of life insurance types in place because this road leads to less vibrant and long lasting life.)
• Low energy and need for frequent naps
• Decreased production
• Aches and pains
• Stiffness and lack of flexibility
• Aged skin and overall appearance
• Swimsuit fear and missed fun in the sun time with kids
• Lack of confidence which effects everything negatively
• Lower performance at work
• Tendency to draw away from people
• You’re teaching your daughter a pattern of not taking care of HER self.


As parents we often feel guilty to put our needs above anyone else’s, when, in fact, the best way we can take care of those around us and meet all their needs IS to first meet our own needs so we have the power and resources to take care of everyone else.  So what will it be today… Turbo Jam?  Or Hip Hop Abs?

Sacrifices and Such

As mothers and wives we make sacrifices, don’t we ladies? We prepare food to please the household, give up girl time/me time if it means someone else can do something important to them, our tv viewing changes, we give up Eminem for Kids Bop, and we never take the last donut. If you’re like me you don’t really mind because none of those things makes you as happy as does the happiness of your family. But when they’re gone and you find yourself alone for a day or two in the house – You can get wild and have whatever you want! For me this weekend, while Hubs & kids went tubing to give me some time to catch up at work, that meant CHICKEN NACHOS! Mmhm. With lots of spicy pepper, onions, scallions, and cilantro. Not your “family” nachos at all. And ohh yeeeahhh –

I blackened the edges of the chips just a little bit.  Is your mouth watering? Mine was! Too bad my V3 was still going strong and only let me eat a few bites. Barely made a dent in it! Just wait til Mama’s mojito time later. I’ll make up for it then.  😉 What tiny things have you given up that didn’t fit in with family life? 


Sibling Rivalry

I don’t really have any tips or advice to offer on this topic.  I actually need your help.  My kids fighting is driving me nuts!

I have mentioned before how much I love Supernanny but I have learned that that love has limits.  When I am watching the show, in a good and calm state of mind, I absorb everything like a sponge.  It all makes sense.  But when I am fired up and looking for specific guidance she just ticks me off.  At those times I want to beat her over the head with her “techniques”.  I like SAYING “technique” when talking about the solution to a problem that does not affect me.  But I don’t like it being recommened to me when I am in a foul mood.

I also don’t want to be told how to breathe properly (a breathing technique!) to diffuse my heightened irritation.  I looked up “ADD” in her guide, at a time I was fired up, and she told me that I had to just accept the fact that I couldn’t be in control of every situation when it comes to my ADD kid, that I needed to learn to compromise.  And breathe.  Doesn’t that sound crazy?

I guess it really doesn’t now that I think about it from a calm state of mind.  That breathing thing is a great tip.  I taught my kids to use it themselves when they are frustrated with me or one another.  Funny that they have mastered it when it comes to me.  They can handle their anger through breathing when it comes to me but not when dealing with each other.

The only trigger involved when the fights begin between my son and daughter is that they are both present.  As soon as on walks in the same room as the other BAM! They are poking and prodding and yelling at each other.  In all other areas my kids are great.  For the most part they listen, they do their chores, they do homework and work hard at school, but when they get in their zone they cannot even hear me trying to settle them down.

I was an only child and I cannot understand this behavior.  I guess when it gets right down to it, it is not the issue of handling it that is turning me gray, but just understanding WHY.


Everything Family Issue 4

Welcome to the August 5, 2008 edition of everything family. This is my first time being in charge of the carnival and I am blown away by all the good stuff we’ve received.  Thanks everyone for your submissions!  I’ll be over to check out your blogs soon!


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Somebody Pinch Me!

I cannot believe that I am here.  I especially cannot believe that you are here reading this!  You know, it has been a dream of mine to write when I grew up.  I wanted to write novels and I wanted to have my own column in the newspaper.  (There was no internet when I was planning my life back then!)  Well as we all know, life happens.  Sometimes the best laid out plans go south.  Instead of writing a best seller I got comfy at my desk jobs and went down that path. 

How about you?  Are you on the path you planned all those years ago?  If you’re not, it’s not too late!

At a very young age I decided on and believed wholeheartedly in 4 things.

  • I was too shy for a wedding and eloping was the way to go for me.
  • There were too many kids in the world without parents and I was going to give some of them a home one day.
  • I would be a writer. 
  • Women in their 40s are beautiful and smart and I couldn’t wait to get there. (this one actually developed in my 20s when the stress and chaos of the real world started kicking in)

That was it.  A pretty simple plan.  I am not aware that I took conscious steps at the time to get there, but I truly did believe in all those things so maybe I went on autopilot!

  • I eloped when I was 31.
  • I adopted Sari 3, and Drew 7, when I was 35.
  • I am turning 40 this December, I’ve started writing again, and for the first time I see the future before me that I dreamed was possible all those years ago. 

I didn’t even realize I was actively checking the big things off my life list until recently when I was feeling sorry for myself and counting my misfortunes, when I realized all my blessings. I am now a wife, a mom, a writer, and hopefully approaching a calm and wise 40. I snapped out of it and went after life again.  That’s what this blog is about for me.  Going after life.

Let’s go after it together, shall we?  

What’s that one thing you haven’t accomplished yet?