Over Spending at Christmas

No matter how many times I say, “This Christmas I am going to be more reasonable.” I always over spend. Nothing like a little recession to tighten your holiday shopping budget, though, am I right Mamas? But we still love to shop and we want desperately to give our most precious ones the gifts their little hearts desire. Just please tell me, why do our precious ones want such expensive stuff?

Before I was a Mom I was an Auntie. I had a niece and a nephew and there is where I learned how fun it is to spend ridiculous amounts of money on little people whose wide eyes and screeches touched the very core of my heart as they opened their gifts.

Then came more nieces and nephews. Cha-ching!  Then as they got older the wish list’s of their heart’s content came with higher and higher prices. Cha-Cha-Ching! I now have nieces and nephews ranging from 3 to 15. The boys all want video games which are not at all cheap. And the list of my sweet angel 15 year old niece now contains things like Coach purses and Ugg boots. Considering I now have kids of my own to shop for in addition to the rest of the brood, I haven’t been able to shop off her list for years.  It is more sad to me than her because she would probably trade her gifts from me to spend a day together just me and her like the old days, and that of course makes it even harder!

My own kids have a Wiion their list this year.  If they both weren’t in agreement on it I don’t think we could swing it. You have to buy the console plus games, plus start up kits, accessory kits, expansion kits, and who knows what else. How could you make that a gift for just one kid?

Another problem I have is REGARDLESS of the cost of the one main gift I love to do GROUPS of gifts with themes and beautiful displays.

I read an article yesterday written by my very good friend about being bipolar and she mentioned the high she gets from getting paid and going shopping and how she actually keeps herself home for a couple days after she gets paid and waits for the high to wear off so that she won’t spend recklessly. I can identify with that, can you?