Feeling Sluggish? Take a Sleep Quiz.

The majority of my stats & research revolve around moms and women in general, but I don’t think I’d have to convince anyone that men suffer from sleep issues and lagging energy the next day just as frequently as women.  I do.  My husband does.  My son can’t get to sleep at night.  We all have different solutions.

My daughter is the sleep queen!  She will be in he middle of a Zac Efron movie at 9:00 on a Saturday night, decide she’s tired and say, “Well Guys, I’m turning in. Somebody dvr the rest of the show for me. Goodnight.”  She will be asleep before I make it to her room to tuck her in.  She has no struggle, no burdened mind keeping her up.  It relaxes me to see her so peaceful and I actually sleep easier if I crawl in bed with her.  Supernanny would not approve of that technique, though, I don’t suppose.

I actually took a sleep test some years back.  This is a really cool experience.  It wasn’t totally comfortable being tangled up in wires, but very interesting.  We learned that my limbs are very active while I sleep and that the activity actually wakes me up several times through the night, preventing me from getting fully rested, resulting in feeling tired throughout the day.  This plus the “creepy crawly” sensation in my legs that I described added up to a diagnosis of RLS for me.  (restless legs syndrome).  There is a medication for it and it improved my comfort and sleep quality over night.  The best part is once I started getting more sleep and felt better throughout the day, I needed less caffeine.  I had energy for exercise and I became motivated to eat more healthy.  Less caffeine and a healthier lifestyle eliminated the need for the leg medicine!  I still have the creepy crawlies at times, but nowhere near what I did and I am never interrupted in the night.

My son has a mad case of ADHD.  He cannot FALL asleep at night, but once he gets there, he sleeps heavy and he could sleep until noon if his schedule and surroundings allowed it.  We are experimenting with foods for him, as well as morning wake up times, but something we found that works for now is meditation.  There is a sleep cd for kids we have called SLEEP JOURNEY where this relaxing voice guides you trough a peaceful adventure and then off to sleep.  That’s definitely something to look into if you have a child who has trouble falling to sleep.

Now  Hubby has all kinds of issues and needs a sleep test more than anyone I know.  He gets got, he gets cold.  His nose stops up.  He snores.  He NEVER dreams.  And he is grouchy and in desperate need of naps every day.  (Believe me, we ALL need him to get his naps) :-)  I found this quiz for him to take since I can’t get him to go to the doctor for it.  I took it first and it was dead on!  It diagnosed me with RLS and something called Carcadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder.  I haven’t had time to research it yet, but it involves light therapy. I am still trying to get a sleep number bed, though, so I might tell Hubby that it is part of therapy, too.   Sounds nice. :-)

Three different sleep issues in the same household.  What are your symptoms?  Sleep patterns?  Here is the link to the quiz.  Take it and see what you’ve got going on.  You might be surprised how easy it is to fix and how close you are to getting a good night’s sleep!