Summer’s First Perfect Moment

Been dabbling on the back deck since 6:30 am, trading between wiping down patio furniture and reading Wayne Dyer. It was quiet and still. The time right now is 8:39 am. The soft sound of wind chimes and chatter among the birds is now fighting to be heard over the sounds of children squawking & crying, plastic toys being clanked together, and doors being opened & closed. But there was a moment in between there that was so perfect.

I felt it coming and leaned my head back, closed my eyes, and took a deep breath to experience it- where everything began to wake up at once. Too many sounds came alive at the same time to identify all of them. The volume increase was gradual but quick. A bird, some birds, car doors, cars starting, road noise, lawn mowers… And then the voices. People just can’t keep quiet for very long. Some of them even yammer on in their sleep.

My puppy scratching at the door to come outside snapped me out of my meditation. Then I heard my own voice join the noise of the others as I call Hobo from running into the neighbor’s yard to chase their dog. Then yelling at the kids not to let Hobo in because his feet are wet. Of course from inside someone let him in anyway. Gradually my voice got louder, just like the neighbors and the birds. “Don’t let him on the furniture! Somebody wipe his feet.”

My perfect time is now over. Soon people will be squabbling inside, the garage door will slam up. If I’m going to get breakfast today I better make my sunrise surprise wheat grass smoothie before the first “mom” is uttered and my day is turned over to everybody else.


When we get a little deeper into the summer I’ll have some perfect evening moments too, after everyone’s in bed – keeping toasty by the outdoor fire pit, sipping a mojito made from the fresh mint sprigs grown on my patio, and listening to the people, the birds, and the road noise all get quiet for the night.


What’s the perfect moment in your day?