Fun With SlideDeck Content Slider

WHY haven’t I heard of this content slider thingy before? I am so discouraged by my lack of blogging chutzpah lately. Or at least I was discouraged for a minute. Now I’m just excited about my new toy. And really, my blogs shouldn’t feel too neglected because I haven’t taken care of myself either. Not exercising, eating bad food, not taking time for anything fun, and so on. But I’m so overwhelmed with catch up and fires to put out after not working all these months. Writing and typing and school work with my kids is all I do! But today I accidentally discovered something fun, despite my best efforts to avoid anything good or interesting. SlideDeck!

Not just any old content slider, SlideDeck is a jquery slideshow plugin that allows you to present featured content without having to mess with any code. Yay! I mean – I dabble in code, I can figure things out if I have to – but I just don’t have time right now, during operation catch up, to experiment and dabble. So it’s nice to find a tool to help me upgrade my blog in an easier way.

All this makes me wonder what else I’ve missed out on in the last several months of being otherwise distracted… What’s your favorite blogging tool?

Slide 1

I am not sure how sliders work so I'm experimenting.

Slide 2

This is slide 2 of slide deck experimentation.

Slide 3

This could go on forever I guess.