Kettleworx Workout Works for Mama!

I think I know why I let myself gain so much weight, and it took gaining it then losing it to make sense of it all.  The last couple of weeks my body seems to be changing almost every day, and the pieces of clothing in my closet that fit me are multiplying daily.  It’s insane! And awesome!  The problem is my laid off husband is home every day following me around like I’m the pied piper!  LOL.  I am constantly swatting him away like a fly (a cute, less repulsive fly of course, but equally as distracting) so that I can get my work done.  I suppose this falls under that category of “a good problem to have”.  Want to know how I got myself into this pickle of being irresistible? :-)

I think I told you already I started taking adipex a couple of months ago and that my mood and energy soared.  I lost a lot of weight initially, but it didn’t make an impact on me.  It was cool to know that for the first month in 5 years I hadn’t GAINED a pound, but my wardrobe and my life didn’t feel much different beyond the energy and getting more accomplished each day.  I knew the key was working out but I couldn’t get motivated.

I work at home selling real estate.  And freelance writing. And I’m writing a book.  That’s a lot of sedentary stuff.  Plus I have school aged kids with lots of homework and a house that doesn’t clean itself.  I keep meaning to write a letter to the manufacturer but I am too busy.  Same with exercise.  Even my favorite TURBO JAM and YOGA BOOTY BALLET were not doing it for me.  Then I stumbled upon KETTLEWORX and that’s when the cool stuff started happening to my body.

Over the years I have done just about every workout. I started out doing “Lilias Yoga and You” on public TV when I was about 7. I got really serious in high school with Jane Fonda when her step aerobics were the hottest thing.  From there I went onto THE FIRM, KAREN VOIGHT, CINDY CRAWFORD, ALI MCGRAW, DENISE AUSTIN, KATHY SMITH and BILLY BLANKS.  I dabbled in the MTV workouts and celebrity stuff.   I never liked working out with male instructors, Tae Bo was the exception.  When I first watched the KETTLEWORX intro I was thrown by the music and the guy teaching it.  I wasn’t crazy about it.  But the magic here is the kettlebell.

Instead of using wrist weights or dumb bells, KETTLEWORX uses a weighted ball with a wide handled grip.  I was immediately hooked the moment I picked it up and tried the first sample exercise.  The rotation motion of the exercises feels fantastic, almost like a massage sometimes!, as it reached muscles I don’t normally feel activated with traditional weighted exercises.  My kettlebell is 5 lbs but there is a 10 lb version for the guys, and stronger than me girls I guess too. :-)  The design of the kettlebell just makes such perfect sense as you feel the effects of it during your workout.

The workouts are only 20 minutes long so they are easy to fit in and although they are challenging they are not at all awkward.  I actually got disrupted a week into the workout because I hurt my back and thought I couldn’t handle the exercises.  Having gotten tired of waiting for my back to stop hurting I decided to suck it up and feel the pain.  To my surprise, when I held my stomach in and watched my form, there was no pain during the workout AND my back immediately started feeling better in general.

If you decide to try it, I cannot stress enough how important it is to actually hold the kettlebell and try the exercises along with the intro dvd.  If you just watch it like I often do for a new dvd, you won’t get the full effect.  As much as I love the kettlebell and Kettleworx exercise, I am not crazy about the production and I really thought I was not going to like it.  I might have just put it away, never to be used like I did with WINSOR PILATES that bored me from the moment I pushed play, if I hadn’t picked up the kettlebell. I should also add that the dvd and instructor are just DIFFERENT from usual for me and I had to get used to it.  He has actually grown on me and I talk to him and call him a “bitch” through the tv just like I do my girl Chalene Johnson when she turns up the heat.  That’s a big compliment coming from a workout connoisseur like me! :-)

All that good stuff aside, I also have to consider that if I hadn’t picked up that precious kettlebell which has significantly changed the shape of my body and energy in just two weeks I wouldn’t have to hide from my husband all day!  So be careful what you wish for and be prepared for the “consequences” of getting in shape! :-)