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Everyone has their story. And that THING preventing them from taking it to the next level. For me – I got my butt kicked by parenthood. One day I was living a carefree free life with my husband – rewarding job, disposable income, vacations, smiles and such. Literally the next day I brought home a 3 year old and a 7 year old. Pre-loaded with anger & issues, and no time to adapt. It’s been a decade and the kids are doing fine – not perfect, we’re still working through challenges but always moving forward. They are anyway. I’ve zig-zagged through was exhaustion, depression, illness, chaos, and unhappiness. As far from PRE adoption me as you could imagine.

I always MEANT to take care of myself – Take that class, do the workout, eat better, etc. TOMORROW. Tomorrow was always going to be this magical day. But here I am, 10 years later – grouchy, unhealthy, and out of sorts. Life has gotten better for sure, but I – ME the person – needs to take it to the next level. For one thing, because the more unhealthy I get, the less my family can count on me, and also – I’ve finally gotten it into my head that I am allowed to be happy and WANT things.

So here’s the deal. I want health and happiness for myself and my family. I want financial freedom and I do not want to be dependent upon an employer for my survival. I love direct sales and network marketing because it puts us in control of our own success, and the business model actually rewards the people doing the work, as opposed to showering more money on marketing agencies and top floor fat cats.

At different points in my life I have represented a variety of products, based on my needs at the time… Natural cleaning products, diet pills, bath & body products, etc. Last summer while researching a rising Entrepreneur for a freelance writing project, I found myself captivated by her experiences and growing success. Before my eyes, for those months while I was writing about her, she BECAME a millionaire. I had been writing ABOUT her product based on facts and events, but I write about LOTS of products. I can’t buy them all, you know what I mean? But I was so interested in everything going on with her, I decided to try the product. Holy crap. I haven’t been the same since.

At one point I was selling a fantastic diet pill. I still think it’s great but I came to see some flaws in it.

1) The company had just the ONE product. And that product did just the ONE thing. As I became more involved in the field of health and wellness, I started to feel a void in what I was offering people. I certainly felt a void in my own get well plan.

2) The company seemed more interested in building teams than actually selling the product. I have a problem with that. I get it that partnering is important, but to me PRODUCT is the important thing. And helping people. Whether that means helping them get physically healthy with a superior product or helping them change their financial health with the business opportunity side –  THAT is where my priority is and where I want the priority to be of any company that I represent.

What I was learning about this woman and the product that was changing her life was that her ideas were on par with my own. And as I researched the company I found that not only were they SAYING that product is important as team building, they actually set up the business model to support it.

Many times I have signed up as a distributor JUST to get the discount for myself. With this company, there is no benefit to signing up as a distributor unless you want to sell. The Loyal Customers get the same pricing as the Distributors, and the Distributors receive generous compensation through selling product as well as building their teams.  Wow.

Over the last 10 years my health has taken a real dive. I’ve had moments of working to get healthy but I keep getting discouraged because weird little symptoms and illnesses pop up and work against me. Since I started taking my ITWorks! products, those little things – the stress, Candida, headaches, tummy discomfort, exhaustion, etc. – all started melting away. It was almost instant.

I feel so good and my mind is so refreshed that I am inspired to start writing again and being social and LIVING. It feels really good.

You can go here to view my ItWorks! products and also feel free to ask questions about what the company has to offer you! :)